How Are My Predictions So Far?

I predicted how I thought Premier League clubs would do this season, and now I’m looking back to see how my predictions are panning out! Well, so far 9/20 of my predictions are looking very accurate! With a few sides doing slightly better or slight worse than I originally expected… have a look for yourselves!


Prediction: Top 4 – 4th

Position: 4th

Looking like it’s the same old season for Arsenal! Not that top 4 is anything to be ashamed of, but they haven’t kicked on. I feared they wouldn’t be able to match other clubs because of their managers, and it’s looking like that’s the case. However, they’re not miles off their other rivals, it’s just Chelsea running away with it.


Prediction: Regelation

Position: 14th

I thought so badly of Bournemouth back in August! I feared second season syndrome may kick in but they’ve proved me wrong so far. They haven’t had a good start to 2017 though, and will hope results change if they’re to avoid a scrappy fight to stay up at the end. I’m not convinced they’re safe just yet.


Prediction: 14th – 17th

Position: 12th

Even better than I expected! I knew Sean Dyche will have learned from two seasons ago, and the emphasis is all on their home form, where they’re really tough to beat. On 30 points already, I’m confident they’ll finish high.


Prediction: Champions – 1st

Position: 1st

They’ve not won it yet but they’re on the brink, 8 points clear of Man City. My thoughts for Chelsea were that actually, they already had a squad of Champions. Conte had to build morale and give them structure, then it would all fall into place and it has. Whilst I expect Guardiola and Mourinho to deliver a title, I always felt Conte had the least rebuilding to do and the players have bought into him completely.

Crystal Palace

Prediction: 10th – 14th

Position: 19th

I didn’t expect this, especially when Sam Allardyce was appointed in December! They’ve really struggled for over a year now, and look destined to go down. However, I still feel like there’s going to be a Big Sam fightback and have a feeling they’ll make their way out.


Prediction: Top 7

Position: 7th

Exactly what I expect. Koeman has turned them into a really good home team, but a few poor results here and there have seen them drop away from the top 6. However, they’re the best of the rest and without the investment that other clubs can make, they’re doing well.

Hull City

Prediction: Relegation

Position: 18th

Whilst the table suggests I got this spot on, and the season has done too, I’m getting a real feeling from Hull that they may escape this, and that’s completely down to their manager, Marco Silva. They’ve made changes to the squad and look invigorated for it. Usually, if I’ve made a prediction and it’s looking correct I would stick with it, but I also think Hull will pull off a great escape.

Leicester City

Prediction: Top 10

Position: 17th

Well I’ve got this horribly wrong! The Foxes have suffered far more from the Kante sale than I ever imagined they would. I think they need to try and play through this patch and find a way to get Vardy and Mahrez going again. I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I think they’ll go down.


Prediction: Top 6

Position: 5th

Again, what I expected of them, however not in the manner they’ve done it. I thought Liverpool would be consistently in and around the top 4-6 all season, but actually they’ve been in the title race most of the season up until 2017. The 2-0 home win against Spurs should wake them up a bit and help them see out a top 6 finish. I think other sides are stronger and will beat them to top 4 unfortunately.

Manchester City

Prediction: Top 4 – 3rd

Position: 2nd

I thought they’d put up more of a fight, but they’re where I expect them to be. Guardiola was always going to need a season to implement such a technical and detailed philosophy, but when it clicks it’s brilliant to watch. Think 2nd is about right with regards to where they’ll finish.

Manchester United

Prediction: Top 4 – 2nd

Position: 6th

They can’t get out of 6th! Mourinho’s men have started to click over the last few months but it’s just a little too late. They’re battling for trophies on three fronts though, so this could still be a great season for them! If they keep this up, I see them finishing in the top 4 at the expense of Liverpool, Tottenham, or dare I say it, Arsenal.


Prediction: 15th – 17th (just stay up)

Position: 16th

Looking solid and picking up points here and there. I don’t feel like they’ve particularly embraced the Premier League, but they’re getting solid results and doing what needs to be done, just, to stay out of the bottom 3. I think they may fall down though as other clubs around them find form like Hull and Swansea, and who would bet against Allardyce saving Palace?


Prediction: 11th – 13th

Position: 11th

Puel’s done a good job so far, though it’s been an inconsistent one. A Cup final to look forward to is certainly a highlight so far, and Southampton continue to produce young talent like Josh Sims and McQueen. Keep it up, Saints.

Stoke City

Prediction: 11th – 13th

Position: 9th

One day Mark Hughes has to be recognised for doing such a great job at Stoke. Not just for the position they’re in, but for changing the whole mentality and philosophy at the club. Doing better than I expected, but I still expected good things. Well done to them.


Prediction: 14th – 17th

Position: 20th

Another miserable season. I had faith in Moyes to keep them up, and bar a small period of hopefully results, they’ve gone back to their old ways and I think this is the season they finally go down.


Prediction: 13th-17th

Position: 15th

It wasn’t looking this positive a few weeks ago, but Paul Clement has turned them around. Big wins against rivals and a win at Anfield has given them the momentum to stay up. Think they’ll be ok now, as long as they maintain this level of performance.

Tottenham Hotspur

Prediction: Top 6 (only a couple points off the top 3 however)

Position: 3rd

I feel like Tottenham haven’t been brilliant, they’ve just been consistent. I said they’d finish top 6 but that it would be very close, and I’m going to stick with that. Europa League returns and that’s a dangerous competition for them to be in when chasing top 4.


Prediction: Relegation

Position: 13th

I thought they’d regret losing Sanches Flores, but they look fine! They don’t particularly excite me as a side but they’re organised and good at home, and that’s what you need to stay up!

West Brom

Prediction: 15th – 17th

Position: 8th

Completely blown me away! I don’t even notice West Brom, perhaps because their football isn’t particularly expansive or attacking, but it is effective. They’re having an amazing season and credit to Pulis, who’s showing he can do a lot more than just ‘keep a team up’.

West Ham

Prediction: 11th – 14th

Position: 10th

Pretty much what I expected. The initial few months were hard with the new stadium, as expected, and the Payet situation hasn’t helped them. But, they’re looking stronger now and up for the fight. Bilic has turned it around well. Don’t think it’ll get much better than this for the Hammers though. Next season they can stamp their authority again – if they buy well!


I’m fairly happy with my predictions, but the relegation fight is not at all what I expected! Bournemouth and Watford are proving me wrong, and despite my original thoughts I’m expecting Hull to stay up! This is my new predicted bottom 3: Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Leicester.

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Current Table:

1 Chelsea

2 Man City

3 Spurs

4 Arsenal

5 Liverpool

6 Man Utd

7 Everton

8 West Brom

9 Stoke

10 West Ham


12 Burnley

13 Watford

14 Bournemouth

15 Swansea

16 Middlesbrough

17 Leicester

18 Hull

19 Crystal Palace

20 Sunderland

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